Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Inc. offers a wide range of industrial vacuum pumps and systems:

  • TiTAN series single-stage and two-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • TiTAN-C liquid ring compressors
  • Maxima-C large capacity conical liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • Maxima-K large capacity liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • Vmax oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump systems, refined and manufactured by the same people who pioneered the concept in the early 80’s
  • DuraVane lubricated and dry rotary vane vacuum pumps
  • DuraVane oil-free rotary vane compressors
  • HullVac rotary piston vacuum pumps
  • ChemSeal liquid ring vacuum pump systems for solvent recovery and chemical applications
  • AquaSeal water-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump systems
  • Custom-engineered systems for demanding applications