Continental Ultra Pump offers a complete line of Progressive Cavity Pumps for the commercial waste water and industrial markets. Our goal is to offer quality products and service at a competitive price. Our success is supported by a long standing relationship to quality, a service oriented sales staff, a facility housing inventory, and a commitment to helping our valued customers and distributors. We strive to keep you informed by providing all the materials and knowledge we have to offer through our staff and engineers.

Liberty Process

For over 25 years, Liberty Process Equipment has been the leader in the field of economically priced Progressive Cavity Pumps and Progressive Cavity Pump replacement parts in North America.  The progressive cavity pump is a positive displacement system that is extremely flexible in its usability in a variety of specialized fields with difficult pumping applications such as viscous and highly-abrasive media. The design offers a pulsation-free, self priming operation that allows solids contents up to 50% to be moved without shearing.