MTH Pumps

An industry leader in regenerative turbine pumps.  Low-flow, high-pressure applications including boiler feed, condensate return, chillers / temperature controllers, water services, refrigeration, petroleum, as well as many chemical process applications.

Burks Regenerative Turbine Pumps unique design is engineered for high pressure, low flow applications. The raceway conducts fluid into the impeller and then provides a channel for the liquid to move as it is propelled and energized by the impeller. Pumps are available in base mounted and closed coupled configurations.

Aurora Single Stage Turbine Pumps are designed for systems that
demand high head and low flow. With a steep performance curve,
they allow for minimal changes in the capacity, even with large
pressure variations.

The constant flow characteristics make the pumps ideal for a variety of applications, including cooling systems, boiler feed, condensate returns, car washes, breweries, and more

Roth regenerative turbine chemical duty pumps provide continuous, high pressure pumping of non-lubricating and corrosive liquids. These regenerative turbine pumps are provided with one piece, machined self-centering impellers for operation with a wide variety of chemicals with process heads up to 1400 ft. (427 m.), 600 psi (40 bar), TDH at 3500 rpm, NPSH from 3 to 14 ft. (0.91 to 4.2 m.), and temperatures to 450°F (232°C).