Iwaki America

Magnetic drive pumps featuring PTFE or ETFE construction up to.  Iwaki pumps are ideal for handling various chemicals including acids and alkalis, as well as high purity chemicals and ultra-pure water.

Sealless magnetic drive pump in 316SS construction.  Price Pump specializes in addressing the needs of specialty applications for industrial and OEM users. Our world-class engineering support, customer care and standard 2-year warranty, will provide you with a pump that meets your needs. Let us develop a pump for you!

March Pump is a US Manufacturer specializing in the construction and assembly of magnetic drive pumps for various industries. March does as much molding and machining in house to ensure high quality and the ability to modify pumps as much as possible for any run size. March Pumps are used in both OEM and End User Applications, such as Boat Air Conditioners, Medical Systems, Chillers, Water Treatment, and Plating.

Fluid-O-Tech gear pumps have a positive displacement technology noted for pulseless delivery of flow and long life. A shaft drive version offers low cost performance whereas adding a magnetic drive makes the pump suitable for environmentally sensitive applications and extended life. The electro-magnetic drive on the FG gear pumps versions eliminates motor wear completely offering a compact unit with exceptional life and performance capabilities.